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What makes Cobalt Rose the best wireless bra?

The Cobalt Rose difference is the patented Waveform technology, a radically new design that replaces rigid underwires with a flexible insert that supports and shapes the breasts naturally and beautifully. At last, a wireless bra for larger breasts that doesn’t compromise on form or function. It’s unlike any bra you’ve ever worn.

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Bras don’t have to be uncomfortable.

It’s a nearly universal truth: bras are just uncomfortable, especially for larger breasts. But why?

The design of traditional bras is largely to blame. Underwire bras are essentially just belts with straps. The wires cinch (and often pinch) around your rib cage to immobilize and separate the breast tissue. Meanwhile, the straps do all the heavy lifting (literally), supporting the majority of the weight while the underwire keeps the breast tissue from moving. The result? Sore shoulders, uncomfortable indentations and, inevitably, a stab in the ribs when the underwire finally breaks free.

The Bra Technology

Waveform, the patented polymer insert in every Cobalt Rose bra supports and shapes you as no bra ever has. How does the Waveform insert work?

The Waveform insert is built directly into the cups of a Cobalt Rose bra. It is completely seamless, and it means that there is no need for an uncomfortable under-band. The insert is engineered to cradle and support the breast tissue at the center, where it is the fullest.

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Wireless no longer means shapeless.

The Waveform insert, the wide straps, and the full-coverage
cups mean Cobalt Rose is the best bra for lift and side support. Lightweight and seamless, Cobalt Rose moves with you rather than against you. No more pinching, pulling, or indents.

Cobalt Rose is carefully crafted with high-quality and sensuous materials – because why should big busts be deprived of beautiful bras? Our breathable fabric helps keep you cool. Plus, being free of an underwire or under-band means that Cobalt Rose provides superior breathability for all-day wear.

Designed in New York and made of the finest materials, The Cobalt Rose bra offers unparalleled comfort and shape without a wire.

Our Origins

Respected breast surgeon, Dr, Anthony Cahan has seen many
patients with bras cutting into shoulders, back pain, and other discomfort. He saw a need to create a better, more comfortable bra, and Waveform technology was born. Thanks to wife and co-founder, Carina’s similarly uncompromising standards, the Cobalt Rose became the perfect bra. The couple named their luxuriously comfortable creation after Carina’s favorite color and flower, a symbol that gracefully balances contradictions like structure and flexibility; strength and beauty. Dr. Anthony and Carina are thrilled to share with you the bra you deserved all along.

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The Cobalt Rose Difference


The patented polymer Waveform insert in the Cobalt Rose bra supports the breasts where they need it most: at their center.


The signature wave shape of the Waveform insert redirects the weight away from the shoulders, providing relief from uncomfortable strain.


Molded into a cup with a cooling liner, the flexible Waveform insert creates an open space at the lower base of the breasts, encouraging air-flow and cooling.


The Cobalt Rose bra shapes like an underwire bra but has soft-cup comfort. Our design eliminates the need for the extra band under the cups but keeps you secure and cool.